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Jurui provides big data software development, security maintenance services for customers at home and abroad, data tracking and data analysis services for relevant government departments, and source code trading services for entrepreneurs in the industry.
Big data software development
Quickly integrate and manage different types of large volume data, using advanced analysis of information in its native form.
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Blockchain capital development and security
It provides a series of security
services for enterprises and online crypto asset exchanges to help enterprises effectively defend against cyber threats against blockchain services.
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Star software trading platform
Zhongxing Software focuses on application transaction services, providing source power for entrepreneurs.
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Jurui talent training
Jurui talent training is committed to blockchain project development and test talent training. At present, we are developing solidity primary, intermediate and advanced courses and related textbooks, taking system as the foundation and practice as the core to cultivate practical talents.
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The solution
From research and development, to security services, to data tracking, and to big data analysis, Jurui can provide customers with a full range of technical services at every node. We put our energy and cost into technology, and we aim to build a world-leading technical system.
Block chain
Block chain
A blockchain is a shared, unchangeable ledger that facilitates the process of recording transactions and tracking assets across a business network.
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Level protection
Level protection
Hierarchical protection is a trend in the development of network security. For some important units, it is essential to do a good job in hierarchical protection.
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Security of attack and defense
Security of attack and defense
As the daily management of server, intrusion detection is a very important work.
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Situational awareness
Situational awareness
Situational awareness is the ability to understand security risks dynamically and holistically, based on the environment.
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Autonomous laboratory
Industrial Internet
Industrial Internet situational awareness, visible network security.
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Our products
Products that address core security issues are what we build
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On-chain tracking service
Provide relevant government departments with blockchain data tracking (soft record number) 2022SR0583706
Jurui CMS system
It is an online trading system supported by big data for enterprises
Stars of the platform
One stop online trading system
Analysis of fishing and anti - fishing technology
0X00 Email Forgery technology 0X01 Swaks Forged Email swaks is the Swiss Army knife of SMTP protocol, using it we can operate SMTP flexibly.
Blockchain security risks
All major digital currencies have their digital asset management counterpart -- wallets. Take Bitcoin, for example. There are dozens of mainstream wallets that support Bitcoin.
EasyFiAnalysis of key leakage events
On April 19 last year, Ankitt Gaur, founder and CEO of EasyFi, a Layer 2 DeFi lending protocol, said that there were a large number of EASY tokens....
Security issues of blockchain
Blockchain is a new application mode of distributed data storage, point-to-point transmission, consensus mechanism, encryption algorithm and other computer technologies.
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